Trails That Lead to Nowhere

Michael Kors vest, Gap shirt, Forever 21 pants. (My shoes aren’t shown but they’re these super cute boots from H&M.)
photos by Carlos Galvan.


4 thoughts on “Trails That Lead to Nowhere

  1. I pester this guy with questions on tumblr from time to time. It has such fantastic imagery (thanks for linking). Great photographs. You make a very natural model, I bet, you look beautiful. I like the setting too.

  2. I wanted to comment on these when I saw them the other day, but I got sucked into all sorts of other things. What I wanted to say was that I’m going to have to hit this guy up for a photo shoot of my own or something because he’s got mad talent. I dig the scenery and the model like a coal miner digs coal. You’ve got serious talent with this whole fashion thing!

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