wearing: shirt from Forever 21, watch from Nordstrom, Fragile jeans.

There’s nothing like a nice dinner with your family (or friends) to kick off the holiday season. This year, my mom and I hosted our first Thanksgiving ever (we usually go to an aunt or grandparent’s house) and we had a great time doing it! I helped my mom cook and I also took the job of decorating, which is one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes I think I should give up studying nursing for something like interior design. I can’t wait to go shopping tomorrow (did you hear that Urban Outfitter’s sale is 50% off?!) and buy treats for myself and others for Christmas!

I hope you all pigged out today and had a great Thanksgiving!


Sweet shirt~

I got a new shirt today from one of my favorite thrift stores 🙂 

On another note,
Happy Birthday Drake! 

Brand New

My new amazing handbag from Dooney and Bourke. One of my co-workers came by the other day with this on her arm and I had to know where she bought it. When she told me it was a Dooney and Bourke bag I rushed out to the store and bought it. The leather is so amazing, smells good and the inside is pink tweed…so cute!